Hunter Preferred Contractor Rewards Brochure
A major part of Hunter's rebranding inititiative was developing attractive communication pieces for the irrigation business unit's customer incentive program. The Hunter Preferred Program offers loyal customers rewards ranging from business development tools to education and travel. The rebrand pulled heavily from the new corporate identity system to further enhance brand recognition, while bringing in new elements to help differenciate the program from other collaterol. 
The Hunter Preferred Program offers a rich variety of benefits to the customer, and as a result content in pre-branded materials were content heavy and overwhelming to take in. During the rebrand process, I worked to simplify the message, placing focus on the program benefits through large graphics that tell the story and engages the audience, while keeping copy as brief as possible and broken down into sections identifying what the reader needs to know.
The Hunter brand identity system is strongly recognizable, yet it includes a healthy range of elements to provide flexibility that ensures the brand endures for a very long time. The Hunter Preferred Program pulls together the Hunter corporate and business unit color palettes using large blocks of color and a horizontal strip pattern, as shown above. This helps provide the program with its own identifiable characteristics within the corporate brand.
Hunter offers courses to contractor customers to help them learn more about the irrigation industry and the company's products. In this brochure, course offerings were clearly broken down into key points to keep the message succinct and easy to follow.
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