The quote reads "Image and perception help drive value; without an image there is no perception." Scott M. Davis, Brand Assett Management
Contractors install the Hunter Industries' EcoMat on a rooftop. Image Credit: Chris Roesink
A Map of Hunter Industries Brand Architecture; Part of the Hunter rebrand
Text against a blue background reads: Our color palette reflects our professionalism, and the energy created by our culture of innovation."
Text against light blue background reads: " Consistent typography plays an important role in reinforcing Hunter's brand identity."
Text against a deep yellow background reads: "Fun or functional—illustration communicates and engages." The images that follow are of the illustration style used for technical instructions, and another illustration style for Hunter Industries' Human Resources materials. Technical illustrator: Steve Cook, art direction by Abby Miller. Human Resources illustrations by Abby Miller.
Hunter Industries' Visual Identity at a Glance. The image shows a warehouse employee pulling a palette of Hunter Industries' distributor boxes full of irrigation products.
The MP Rotator waters succulents on a rooftop garden in San Diego. Photo credit: Chris Roesink.
Hunter Industries' branded T-Shirts. Designer: Steve Sharp
Hunter Industries' Wellness Center at their San Marcos Location. Environmental design by Abby Miller and Josie Haney. Photography by Michael Derewenko
Hunter Industries ST System marketing brochure. Designer: Abby Miller
Hunter Industries' Green Roof Irrigation Solutions marketing brochure. Designer: Abby Miller
Hunter Industries holiday card, designed and art-directed by by Abby Miller, and the Hunter Industries letterhead package designed by Josie Haney
Hunter Pro-C product faceplate designed by Abby Miller. Hunter Soil-Clik product faceplate designed by Josie Haney
Hunter Preferred Program logos and Marketing Brochure booklet designed by Abby Miller
Hunter 3.0 Sales conference logo and materials designed by Abby Miller. Photography by Michelle Zurowski

Creative Director / Kevin Carpenter
Lead Designers / Abby Miller and Josie Haney
Copywriter / Julie Goldberg
Digital Media / Silvia Moore, Scott Allison
Photography / Tom Page, Michael Derewenko, Chris Roesinck, Michelle Zurowski
Technical Illustration / Steve Cook, Art Direction by Abby Miller
Hunter Industries Inhouse Design Team: Betsy Brassfield, Kevin Carpenter, Michael Derewenko, Troy Ford, Amy Glassow, Julie Goldberg, Dale Halfaker, Josie Haney, Jennifer Madrigal, Abby Miller, Silvia Moore, Dina Newcomb, Steve Sharp, Kate Smith, Michelle Zurowski

A note on teamwork / All work is my own unless otherwise noted.
Works by other designers are shown to illustrate the brand system in use.

Featured Photography / Michelle Zurowski, Chris Roesink, and Michael Derewenko
Letterhead, Soil-Click faceplate, and PGP Rotor Product Specification Sheet / Josie Haney
Hunter Wellness Center Environmental Design / Abby Miller and Josie Haney
Web Design / Silvia Moore
T-Shirt Designs / Steve Sharp

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